Weekly 5

I haven’t done one of these in a bit. I was feeling slightly bored by them and also slightly overwhelmed by the disappointment in myself if I didn’t get achieve my weekly goals. BUT, I paid off a credit card recently and it showed me that moving forward and setting goals does get you somewhere.

Weekly 5

  1. Wristbands
  2. Vlog
  3. Squat 3 times this week
  4. Run when its sunny
  5. Relax – Netflix suggestions please?


Weekly 5

Weekly 5

It has been a bit of a weird week. Trump being our new president is still blowing my mind. It is going to be a long four years.

I failed my last weeks weekly 5 pretty miserably… but hey it is a new week right?

  1. Save $50
  2. Study ( I didn’t study at all last week ) just lesson 3. Baby steps.
  3. Youtube Uploads.. taking it down to 2 videos per week so I have enough time to study.
  4. Record workouts
  5. Mind rest


My parents have been gone this week and it has allowed me to feel much more relaxed and much less lonely. ( Strange how that works huh?) I think it has made me see just how important it is that I move out of here sooner than later. I can’t seem to move on in life while living under their roof. This means that I really need to study in order for me to reach the goal of moving out so that I can do online personal training on the side. It is vital for me to do in order to earn more money to pay off some bills and move out.

I think I have been so resistent to studying lately because I am afraid to fail. I know, that sounds counter productive… but I am having a hard time believing I could do it. Strange how the brain works sometimes.

I can do this.


Weekly 5

Weekly 5

Not going to lie, I don’t feel like making a weekly 5 this week…but I know it is important and I will.

So here it goes.

  1. Save $50
  2. Study for personal training test. Get through lessons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I took a bit of a break so I feel the need to re-do some lessons.
  3. Keep up my youtube upload schedule, but change it to Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.
  4. Continue recording workouts to track progress.
  5. Be kind to myself.


Weekly 5

Weekly 5

Last week I made a post called 5%. This post was based off a suggestion from my therapist that I think of ways to improve my life just 5% at a time in order to not feel stuck or overwhlemed. So on that note, here is my weekly 5.

  1. Save another $50
  2. Study for personal training test
  3. Lunges and abs everyday
  4. Commit to a YouTube upload schedule (Tuesdays and Fridays?)
  5. Rest
Weekly 5


A few weeks ago I was discussing with my therapist how I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my current situation. Stuck in my job, stuck in my parents house.. stuck being poor.. at least until phalloplasty.

She asked me what I wanted or how I could improve my life. I was immediately overwhwelmed. It was kind of like looking at a large algebra problem. My mind just shut down.

So instead of looking at ALL the things I needed to do to get where I wanted my life, she asked me; how can you make your life just 5% better. Working towards a goal 5% at a time. I thought that was actually a pretty cool concept and it helped me not to feel too overwhelmed.

So on that note: my big goals are mainly to have surgery, move out of this house, get a new job. So how can I get 5% closer to these goals? How can I make my life 5% better this week.


  1. Save money – $50 This week
  2. Study for my personal trainers certificate- Get through chapter 5
  3. Legs are lagging still– Squat everyday (even if it is just air squats )
  4. Make it a point to rest. ( watch something on netflix, go to a movie.. go for a walk )
  5. Do something out of my comfort zone.

That is it for this week. 5 things to improve 5% It might sound weird that I need to make it a point to rest but it is true. Whenever I do try to rest I get intense anxiety about all the other things I could be doing instead.

Lets see how this week goes.