4 Weeks

I am officially 4 weeks post-op today and I am not going to lie I expected things to be going a little better at this point in time. I am bleeding from pretty much every hole possible. I think I split a stitch at my vaginectomy site and that is bleeding, I have a fistula that is bleeding, and I had some blood in my urine this morning. Normally I would email my doctor but I have given up caring at this point. I see him thursday so I figure I will give him a break from my emails and i’ll just complain to him in person in a couple of days.

I appreciate my surgeon and his optimism but there comes a point where you just start thinking they are lying. He says I am healing within normal range, that things look good but damn, things downstairs are just not healing up and it is super frustrating to me. I also haven’t peed yet and it is really starting to bum me out. I am trying to be patient but damn. I do have a time limit. I have to be back to work in less than a month and it is starting to make me really anxious I am not going to make it back in time if I keep having complications. Dear God, please just help things move forward.


4 Weeks

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