Weekly 5

Another week, another weekly five.

I have had the hardest time studying lately. I think it is due to the material right now. It is not the most exciting and I made the mistake of buying a book on training that is much more interesting to me at the moment. Oops. I am still learning about training… but I don’t know that it will help me pass my test.

Studying as an adult who has been out of school for a few years is hard. I have gotten way out of the swing of things and I have a really hard time focusing. I might take a study break this week.

Here is this weeks weekly five.

  1. Save $50
  2. Complete my CPR online training. My CPR class is this Saturday. ( I need to be certified before I can register for my personal trainers test ).
  3. Set my Youtube Upload schedule. I tried out a Monday, Wednesday, Friday upload schedule last week. It seemed to work so I am going to stick with that for now.
  4. Continue recording workouts to track progress.
  5. Get all my paperwork in to my case worker for reimbursement on electrolysis for phalloplasty.



Weekly 5

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