Weekly 5

I’ve been having some hard days. Flipping in and out of days with anxiety, followed by days of depression. I am usually pretty good at getting myself out of funks but this one has been particularly hard to get myself out of. I think it is a mix of feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I am failing, turning 30 ( tomorrow ) and feeling like I miss my old circle of friends. ( This is a long story ).

I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to leave my job and move on to the next phase in life. I imagine just walking away and figuring it out as it happens but I know that I can’t do that. I have bills to pay and surgery coming up in June. If I were to be honest, I am trying to set myself up to walk away in June.. but perhaps a little more prepared. I Just have to be patient, and I have to continue to work towards putting myself in a position where I can move on. It can be frustrating but that is what happens when you are an adult I suppose. Oh lord, I really am thirty years old. I want to live my life with more purpose. I get the most inspired and excited when I can help and inspire others. Seeing other people make a change in their lives makes me feel so happy and awake. This is why I want to get into personal training. Not because I think that everyone should strive for the “perfect” body or for six pack abs… but because seeing people take steps to better themselves makes me feel alive. I love it when people take control of their lives and do things that make them feel refreshed, happier, healthier, and excited to live!

Wow, rant over. Time for the weekly five.

  1. Save $50
  2. Study and complete lessons 5 and 6 for my personal training certificate.
  3. Make a Youtube Upload Schedule ( thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday? )
  4. Continue to record workouts and share.
  5. Put old shit I don’t use up on Ebay to see if I can sell it to put towards surgery in June.



Weekly 5

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