A few weeks ago I was discussing with my therapist how I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my current situation. Stuck in my job, stuck in my parents house.. stuck being poor.. at least until phalloplasty.

She asked me what I wanted or how I could improve my life. I was immediately overwhwelmed. It was kind of like looking at a large algebra problem. My mind just shut down.

So instead of looking at ALL the things I needed to do to get where I wanted my life, she asked me; how can you make your life just 5% better. Working towards a goal 5% at a time. I thought that was actually a pretty cool concept and it helped me not to feel too overwhelmed.

So on that note: my big goals are mainly to have surgery, move out of this house, get a new job. So how can I get 5% closer to these goals? How can I make my life 5% better this week.


  1. Save money – $50 This week
  2. Study for my personal trainers certificate- Get through chapter 5
  3. Legs are lagging still– Squat everyday (even if it is just air squats )
  4. Make it a point to rest. ( watch something on netflix, go to a movie.. go for a walk )
  5. Do something out of my comfort zone.

That is it for this week. 5 things to improve 5% It might sound weird that I need to make it a point to rest but it is true. Whenever I do try to rest I get intense anxiety about all the other things I could be doing instead.

Lets see how this week goes.



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