I Hate Decisions

I had my consult with Dr. Chen yesterday for lower surgery… and unfortunately it didn’t make anything clearer or easier for me to decide. He examined my downstairs and said that I had a great build for Meta and would do well with that surgery. He was pretty sure I would be able to stand to pee and use a urinal.

The downside is that penetration is not so great with Meta so if Penetrative sex is something that is a priority for me… Meta is not the surgery for me.

If it wasn’t for the huge arm scar I would have no doubts in my mind that phallo was the procedure for me. There is also a chance I would end up with a scar that healed well. Or that it would hardly be noticeable with a future tattoo.

I just don’t know that I will be happy with Meta in the long  run. In the short run Meta seems like a great option. Less complications, less recovery time, no scarring.. but the negatives are: Maybe not being able to use a urinal or stand to pee, no penetration…

Both of which are important to me.

Downside to Phallo: Longer recovery time, large forearm scar, higher chance of complications.

I am starting to really lean towards phallo. It is a huge risk. BUT it would be everything I would want. I kept my current phallo date which changed to June 13th 2017. I have a little more time to decide and also have another phone consultation with Dr. Chen in two weeks.

Off to work, more on the consultation to come!

I Hate Decisions

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