It could be that I don’t have to work today… but I am feeling rather at peace this morning. Maybe that says something about just how much my job stresses me out, but I am also feeling more at peace about lower surgery today.

I am worrying less about which surgery to choose and thinking more about using a urinal and being able to take the fear of public restrooms out of my life. I am also worrying less about financial situations even though they are not improving anytime soon.

I think I am feeling more grateful than anything this morning. I have been pretty addicted to this APP called TimeHop and it shows you things you posted on social media all through the years. I have come so far and I am finding a lot of peace in that.

I have a lot of emotions running through me right now. I am feeling grateful for having top surgery, a little sad about some of the friends I have lost, and excited for things I have to look forward to.

I need some more change in my life and I am realizing that if I actually want change to happen I need to take action just as I have in the past.


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