Country Gravy

Welcome. The first post is always the hardest when it comes to blogging… but I am going to try not to pay attention to the blinking line and just go with what is on my mind. I am a 29 year old transman, I am a bodybuilder, and a cook. I am sure you will learn about me as time goes on but for now, I will just give you the surface details.

I’ve been cooking for some years now, although food is a passion of mine it is also a passion of mine to stay out of a restaurant kitchen due to my high anxiety. Little did I know when I went to culinary school it was probably the worst career I could have chosen to go into for someone with a lot of anxiety.

I work at a natural foods co-op in a production style kitchen. It was doable for me because there was not the constant stress of making food to order for customers like in a restaurant, but things have changed recently. Our kitchen is under new management and the stress levels have been much higher.

Last week a few co-workers got written up for burning large batches of dairy based sauces. It is a pretty easy thing to do. Leaving a pot of simmering milk on the stove unattended is bound to lead to a scorched sauce. It happens in the blink of an eye. A watched pot never boils, but an unwatched pot of milk never fails to scorch on the bottom.

I didn’t hear about my fellow co-workers being written up for scorching a sauce until after I too, scorched the country gravy. I didn’t even realize it was scorched until I was placing the sauce into a container to put away. I tasted it. Yep, tastes burned. Not wanting to be written up I continued to put away the gravy and just cross my fingers that no one noticed. That was two days ago. So far, so good but there is still time for it to be discovered.

I’ve never been one to ride the waves of risk. Usually I would have come clean and admitted my fault but knowing I would be written up I decided to test my fate. Maybe I will still get written up, but maybe I wont.

The reason I am writing about this situation is because it is a very new experience for me. New in that I am not one to scorch my sauce, and new in that I don’t normally try to get away with things. I took a risk, and I don’t regret it.

I need to take more risks in life. Not in a way of risks to try to get away with things but I can’t play my life so damn safe all the time. I have taken many risks already and they have always paid off but more recently i’ve stayed away from most things that carry any weight of risk.

Time to get a little more daring.

I will let you know if my scorched sauce is discovered.



Country Gravy

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